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[23 Dec 2006|08:19pm]
There's something wrong with me.

When I wake up earlier I end up hyper and weird all day XD

I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Its a saturday and its the xmas holidays and thats the time I get up O_O it was fun! XD Started work at 7:00 I was locked out for a while though XD I got to leave earlier today though.

When I was on fitting room duty I took off my glasses for a while, until I realised that mild-mannered Hannah was being revealed. I didnt want the world to see me as Super-han, so I put them back on and persued my day as Clark Kent.

Christmas soon! Woo!

Kat and Rose came round wiht cool pressies.

Wednesday Kat visited me with xmas cookies and a picture of me and her, in a frame, twazzicking! Good times.

Rose came round the next day, a thursday I believe. She gave me fertiliser...for the African people. And the most funniest thing. On the box it says "to someone very important" which sounds about right. And inside was a badge with "head girl" written on it XDDD It makes me lol. I shall wear it though XD She'll regret buying it for me soon XD

Love you all!!

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Whoo! [16 Dec 2006|08:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]


On the twelfth day of Christmas, hanamanic sent to me...
Twelve dvds drumming
Eleven caramacs piping
Ten monkeys a-leaping
Nine wildboys dancing
Eight vans a-milking
Seven comedies a-swimming
Six orangutangs a-sleeping
Five ale-e-e-ex kapranos
Four tom hanks
Three fawlty towers
Two mike myers
...and a converse in an american pie.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Haha Wildboys dancing. And five Alex Kapranos...I would not mind, I would probably be willing to give one to Laura too. And a converse in an american pie? Bring it on!

Today has gone so quick. This morning I was put on gift shop, and just basically re-filling shelves. Suddenly I was told I had to wear a hat, it was a pink cow boy hat XD It was a good thing I was happy today, otherwise I would have been annoyed. I think I pissed off a customer today XD whoops. She wanted something and I forgot to give it to her. I am also happy cause next saturday im working from 7am til 4pm. It seems early (probably cause it is) but I get to finish earlier and I may get to see my grandparents, who I havent seen since September! Im just desperate to see them, especially after everything that's gone on recently.

Holy crap. OMG! My mum has brought the most amazing thing, but we're not allowed to open it til christmas. Its a dvd...a trivial pursuit dvd.....a special star wars edition!!!! I may cry. But Im not going to >_> mah. Im actually excited. Im like a 5 year old XD Sorry if I become too over bearing on monday/tuesday XD
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